About Us

Titan Turbo Service, founded by Jon Titus in 2015. I built my first modified turbo in 2005 for a friends Ford 6.0 pulling truck. I combined a LLY Duramax & 2003 Ford 6.0 turbo, & after a little manual machining and testing, I had the fever. Something I became passionate about while working at Ford dealers & after hours.  After working 10 years in the diesel automotive industry, primarily at Ford dealerships, I joined the military.  During my service, my nickname was Titan, as my fellow Marines described me, I'm as big and strong as a Titan.  During my service, I suffered a career ending injury which resulted in an earlier than expected discharge. Because of this injury, I was unable to return to the diesel technician life. Currently I do custom performance diesel builds on a job to job basis and spend my time farming the plains of Illinois.  After years of trial and error, research, and failed attemps I officially started this business. I am a 1 man show that builds a product that allows our diesel trucks to perform the way they should have off the assembly line. From Mild to Wild, Tow Monsters to Track Queens, I can build a turbo that can achieve what you need it to.  Titan Turbo is here to serve our customers in every way possible by offering a high quality product at an affordable price.  For questions, concerns, or build advice, please feel free to contact me.

Jon Titus

Driven by Performance